Ten Ways To Look And Feel Your Best

​By: Linda Burhans

How do you look and feel your best as you age?  Take a look at ten great ways to accomplish this goal:

#1 – Stay active

If you spend your time sitting around the house watching TV you’ll soon start to feel lousy, so get up and stay active.  Go for a walk each day, take a yoga class, play golf, learn to dance…..anything goes as long as it gets your body moving and your mind engaged.

#2 – Eat healthy

Older bodies often need more nutrients and even different combinations of nutrients to maintain optimum health.  It can be challenging to eat healthy, especially if your food budget is tight or you have physical limitations that make it hard to get to the grocery store, but when you get enough healthy foods you simply enjoy better health and well being.

#3 – Stop smoking

Seniors can have a hard time quitting because it is a habit that they may have had for most of their life.  Some also figure they’ve smoked for a very long time and it’s too late to do themselves any good.  The truth is that when you stop smoking, no matter your age or how long you have smoked, your health will improve.  So enlist the help of a stop smoking program or partner with a friend to quit, just do whatever is necessary to break the smoking habit and improve how you feel.

#4 – Drink only in moderation

If you drink alcohol, focus on drinking it only in moderation.  A glass of wine with dinner, a bottle of beer in the afternoon, a mixed drink in the evening, or the like is perfectly okay for most people as long as it doesn’t turn into three, four, or more glasses of wine, bottles of beer, or mixed drinks at a time.  IMPORTANT:  Alcohol should not be used when you are taking some specific prescription medications, so always check with your doctor to ensure it is safe for you to drink alcohol.

#5 – Foster social connections

So far we’ve focused on the physical aspects of looking and feeling your best, but there are many other aspects of this that are entirely different.  A huge influence on your overall well being is the strength of your social connections, such those you have with friends, neighbors, peers, family, and the like.  Make a point of staying connected with people in your life so you can avoid the negative effects of isolation from others.

#6 – Treat yourself to some pampering

Everyone likes to be treated special sometimes, but most people spend their time waiting around for someone else to provide that kind of pampering.  Stop waiting for someone else and start finding ways to treat yourself to some pampering on a regular basis.  It doesn’t have to cost money; you might sit down and read for an hour, take a nap in the afternoon, or enjoy the flowers in your backyard.  Whatever it is that makes you feel special and pampered, go ahead and do it.  You’ll look and feel better for it!

#7 – Be gentle with your skin

As we age our skin changes, becoming more fragile and less resilient.  This is why seniors need to be especially gentle with their skin to keep it healthy and looking good.  Use only mild cleansers on your face, body and hands, and make a point of patting your skin dry instead of rubbing it.  A good skin lotion is also a great way to better care for your skin.

#8 – Take care of your emotional health

Seniors are at higher risk for problems with their emotional health, particularly depression, anxiety, and the like.  Take care of your emotional health by expressing your thoughts and feelings, acknowledging times of grief and sadness, and watching for the early signs of problems.  If you are struggling emotionally don’t hesitate to see your doctor, a counselor, or a trusted friend to get help.

#9 – Keep exploring and learning

An open mind is an active mind, and an active mind fosters good health and a sense of well being.  Don’t get stuck in a routine of doing the same things, reading the same things, watching the same things, and the like.  Keep an open mind and actively look for new activities, different viewpoints, and chances to explore and learn about the world around you.

#10 – Share a sunny disposition

It’s no fun to spend your days feeling grumpy, grouchy, negative, or pessimistic, so don’t let yourself fall into those traps.  Make a conscious choice to smile, be optimistic, and be friendly to the people around you.  You will not only make yourself feel better but you will make others feel better, too.