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Life doesn’t normally prepare us to become a loved one’s caregiver. When it happens it’s usually sudden – diagnosis of an illness, age related frailty, dementia – and life suddenly is anything but normal. And because we don’t even know what we don’t know, where can we turn for help or guidance?

Connecting Caregivers Radio is where caregivers, their families and their friends can find “HELP and HOPE.”

Host, Linda Burhans is “The Gal Who Cares for Caregivers – With Love, Laughter and Lessons Learned.”

Linda already a speaker and an author wanted to reach and help as many caregivers as possible, so Connecting Caregivers Radio was launched in March 2017.

As Linda says Lin Thornley is “My best friend, co-host and sidekick not psychic.”  Lin joined Linda on the first show, and they are the perfect pair. Viewers say, “They teach us so much and there is always room for a laugh.” It is easy for people to relate to them as they have both lived and survived the caregiving journey and share from the bottom of their hearts.

“It so delights me”, Linda says when I get a message after the radio show saying “I saved $300 on my prescription, I called my mother or I found a resource I never knew about.”

So join us Saturdays at noon on WTAN 106.1FM or 1340AM in the Tampa Bay Area. You can also tune in LIVE on YouTube, or LIVE on Facebook.

We will discuss our challenges, solutions and triumphs. We will find our heart in caregiving as we share, laugh and cry.

Please remember CAREGIVERS -You Are Not Alone!

My mission is to acknowledge and appreciate all caregivers as they care for those who can not care for themselves. It is my intention to empower the caregiver, ease their burdens and help them find the joy in the journey through education, comfort and support! ~Linda Burhans

And remember “You Have Purpose”

God has created each of us for a specific purpose. Primarily that purpose is to bring honor to Him, and one way we do that is by meeting the needs of others. (1Peter 4:10-11)