Good Morning Seminole

In 2014, I was going through a difficult caregiving experience.  I was waking up every morning – asking “Why me?”

I was frustrated, angry and sad.  I was even feeling a bit hopeless.  One morning, I woke up and decided that this had to change, or I would not survive.  So, I made the choice to start each morning being grateful and finding a bit of God’s beauty.

I live in Florida on a beautiful lake.  Since that day, every morning, I wake up early and go for a walk which is great for my brain, my body and my overall health.

I walk out to the dock and say a little prayer asking God to please lead me today to be the best I can be.

I then take a photo of the sunrise or a bird or a flower or whatever catches my eye.  Immediately my heart is filled with gratitude.

The funny thing is every morning I wake up and look for something beautiful and I always find it is less than 15minutes!

As I am walking back home, I post it on my Facebook page and say “Good Morning Seminole.” I also email and text it to some family members and friends.

Just about every single day someone tells me how much they enjoy my photos.  No more crabby mornings for me.

I hope you enjoy my photos and perhaps consider taking some yourself.  We live in a truly beautiful world…. We just need to stop and see it!

May every day inspire you!

In joy,