How to Support Your Own Happiness

When you were little and the teacher asked what you wanted to be when you grew up, you surely didn’t answer “miserable!”

At every stage in life, unhappiness is not a state to which we aspire.  But with life as it is these days, the vision of our own prosperity can seem like a tiny, inflatable raft in an ocean of fear. 

Still, it’s worth the effort.  Research shows that while trauma has a profound impact on the brain, the brain is not as hard wired as we previously thought. WE CAN LEARN TO BE HAPPIER!  In fact,  the most popular class at Harvard University is one in which students learn to train their brains to cultivate what instructor Tal Ben-Shahar call the ultimate currency: happiness!

Why does happiness matter?

Medical evidence suggests being unhappy effects our memory and our capacity to learn, while increasing the risk of illness.

On the flip side, happier people are more likely to:

*be more creative, confident and productive.

*have  a stronger network of allies and friends.

* be sick less often and get well faster.

If you would like to train your brain for happiness, consider some of these ideas:

Decide that you want to be happier.

Watch your words.

Acknowledge your feelings.

Work with your thoughts.

Celebrate success.

Seek meaning.

Express gratitude.  Gratitude is a natural anti-depressant.

It is worth a try.  I promise that as you practice happiness and make it a habit, you’ll find yourself in a lovely upward spiral that will support you through challenging times.

Have a delicious day!