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Healthy Lifestyles Tampa Bay was founded in 2016 with the goal of assessing, then guiding individuals toward their personal fitness goals.  A care plan is developed for every client.  Each person provides input toward developing realistic goals and learns what steps need to be taken to move forward.  Healthy Lifestyles Tampa Bay provides the necessary tools for clients to achieve their desired goals as they progress through the stages of growth in emotional, nutritional and physical fitness.

Our goal is to guide individuals who struggle with weight issues (including obesity), diabetes and heart disease.  The program teaches a person how to select great tasting, nutritional foods that satisfy and also how to become more physically fit under the guidance of our professional staff.

Dr. Thomas Quinlan (“Dr. Q”) is a licensed clinical psychologist and hypnotherapist with a background in disordered eating habits and eating disorders.  Dr. Q will assist each client to become emotionally fit and live the healthiest possible lifestyle.

Dr Q studied at the University of Florida, Pepperdine University and Argosy University in Atlanta Georgia.  He holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a Certified Professional Hypnotherapist.

Sarah Krieger: Nourishing your body with a guidance of a Registered Nutritional Dietitian. Sarah Received a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics (B.S.) from Central Michigan University and a Master of Public Health degree from the University of South Florida. She is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian and Nutritionist (RDN). Most recently, Sarah is the proud recipient of the Dietitian of the Year Award for Florida; for the Florida Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics,2017.

Sarah’s passion is to make food nutritious for those who choose health, but also making food taste great. Most fad diets work for a few days or weeks, but how do they taste? Sarah works with her clients to make sure they love what they eat. This simple rule of thumb guarantees a person is eating the right foods, preparing them in the healthiest way possible and loving what they eat. This is a winning combination!

Sarah also has traveled around the world and is savvy in a variety of food cultures, traditions and recipes. Her very practical approach to nutritional guidance is goal-oriented instead of calorie- oriented. Enjoying food and living a healthy lifestyle are Sarah’s passions and can be yours too.

Sarah Krieger is our registered dietitian and the recipient of the Florida Dietitian of the Year Award.  She works closely with each person to develop a meal plan so clients will consume healthy food that satisfies and tastes great.   Her philosophy is that if you are not enjoying what you eat, you will struggle to adapt to a healthier and happier lifestyle.   We also give you a FREE gym membership with Anytime Fitness.

 Misty Raya, Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist

Misty also understands that not the same exercise works for everyone. As a certified personal trainer, Misty will work with you to develop an exercise program that you will want to continue in order to reach your goals, lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Misty brings flexibility to the program because she can work with someone in the privacy of their home or their gym.  Great for individuals who prefer private workouts over going to a crowded gym.

Engel Vilorio, Professional Trainer

Engel Vilorio is a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

He specializes in training people who are looking to improve their overall fitness, increase their energy levels and lose weight.

His own personal weight loss journey (Losing 80lbs) allows him to understand and relate to people who are just getting started. He makes exercising easy, fun and effective!

Healthy Lifestyles Tampa Bay = Emotional Fitness, Nutritional Fitness and Physical Fitness

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